Paula has the best of both worlds!  She is a wife and a mother and still gets to go to work and do what she loves to do…fitness coaching!  She relates to people easily. Understanding the science and physiology behind human movement and exercise allows her to translate and educate each individual on a personal level. Fitness should be contagious, fun and therapeutic, and she loves incorporating all three.

I really like:
A change of season
Eating a bowl of cereal, then taking a cat nap.
Watching my children develop emotionally, physically, spiritually and academically

Well, able bodies that park in handicap
Runners that run WITH traffic
When women feel they are excluded from taking their caps off in church or during the national anthem

When I grew up:   I wanted to be a Paleontologist

Favorite Joke:    

In Honor of My Dad:

“Want to hear a dirty joke?

A white horse fell in the mud!”

 The Boring Stuff:
NASM-CPT  (Certified Personal Trainer)
NASM-CES  (Corrective Exercise Specialist)
Cooper institute Biomechanics of Resistance Training
TRX Certified
14+ years experience as a personal trainer