1. My trainer is amazing.

    I have always said that a good trainer is worth their weight in gold. My trainer is amazing. I hadn’t been able to walk upright without pain for a week and after an MAT session I was able to walk upright and pain free. I’ve now lost almost 150 lbs and run 8 MARATHONS!!! The folks at ProCore Fitness are awesome.*

  2. Is there an option for 10 stars?!

    I love my time at ProCore Fitness. Is there an option for 10 stars?! I came in just wanting to be in better shape, now I’m about to run my first triathlon!*

  3. I couldn’t be happier about my results working with Justin the best trainer ever!!!

    If you want amazing results and a private setting this is the place for you! Never leaving you guys!*

  4. Love working out here!!!!!

    Convenient location, great atmosphere, and some of the best trainers in the world are here. Thankful to be a client.*

  5. ProCore Fitness continues to adapt to the demands of my personal goals

    ProCore Fitness continues to adapt to the demands of my personal goals and professional schedule. Amanda and Justin’s evidence based fitness and nutrition coaching simply deliver.*

  6. PROCORE Fitness has a great team that is truly interested in getting people fit and healthy

    I am doing Procore’s 21 day challenge. I have had great success. The trainers are truly interested in helping me achieve my fitness goals. The workouts are great, and I appreciate all the support and personal treatment! I highly recommend that you check them out! Justin has assembled a great team!*

  7. ProCore Fitness IS the best in Southlake!

    Knowledgeable and encouraging trainers! FitLane and FitWall are fun, new and butt-kicking in a good way!*

  8. Fantastic, friendly and knowledgable trainers

    I recently switched to this gym, and have seen changes after four classes. The trainers here are very motivating and friendly which is not always the case. The staff and cleanliness of this gym are superb.*

  9. Outstanding Gym and customer service

    My experience has been amazing! My heart is so overwhelmed at the encouragement I receive from all the staff and trainers. I am a cancer patient and am currently undergoing weekly chemo treatments. The only reason I can go to ANY gym is because of the cleanliness of ProCore Fitness. They are helping me to maintain bone and muscle fitness while I walk the chemotherapy journey. I could not be more thankful for ProCore Fitness.*

  10. State of the art facility with the most knowledgeable and experienced trainers around

    I’m a 45 year old woman who was in great shape my whole life, until around 37. I started gaining weight and decided to hire a trainer, without saying company names, I tried 3 different gyms in the Southlake/Colleyville area. Hired trainers in all. Spent a lot of money and had little success. I had a baby at 40. In the next few years a packed on a good 40 pounds. I was disgusted with myself and depressed. I reached out to ProCore Fitness as a last ditch effort before considering surgery. I had low expectations. However, I can tell you it didn’t take long to realize I’d found gold. Not only were they training me, they actually cared about my success and happiness. They worked with me designing a program that would fit my busy lifestyle. They worked with me on nutrition, and most importantly, they held me accountable. I’ve lost over 35 pounds and at one point my body fat was as low as 12.6. I’m only 5’2. I felt and looked the best I had in years! I’m forever grateful to the team of professional trainers, especially Justin and Amanda Fletcher who together not only transformed my body, but changed my life. I still train there and can’t see myself ever training anywhere else again. It is a state of art facility with the most knowledgeable and experienced trainers in the DFW area.*