Our personal training clientele in Southlake ranges from mothers to corporate executives. The reason we are able to serve such a diverse set of clients is due to our flexibility and knowledge in the personal training space. Your goals may be weight loss and burning fat or recovering from a previous injury with hopes to keep your mobility. No matter your past experiences ProCore is equipped to serve you and write a personal training plan tailored to your unique needs. Most people have experience working out or shooting for their fitness goals and falling short. This can be one of the most frustrating things when it comes to fitness. Procore Fitness Personal Trainers take nutrition seriously. Our personal trainers write a specific nutrition intake strategy so that you are getting the correct nutrients required. All of this said your initial consultation is critical. It is important that we walk you through a series of questions not only to pair you up with the best personal trainer we have on staff, but to also understand your past experience and frustrations when it comes to your fitness journey. Your personal trainer will offer specifics upfront letting you know what type of program and feedback we are offering to give you the full scope of support you are looking for.