We all talk about core.  But most of us run before we can walk or even crawl when it comes to core.  The first step is being able to stabilize your hip and spine in a neutral position for duration.  If you can’t do that, then everything else you do has the potential to be damaging (Unstable core = unstable joints = injury over time).  On top of that, you’ll get far less benefit from your current work outs.

But not for long!  After you watch this video you’ll be able to assess your core strength on your own and work toward improving it!  Just remember you must complete the 2 minute challenge with good form.  If you begin to deviate from the position I show then stop, take a break, and try it again.  Build yourself up gradually until you can complete the 2 minute challenge with great form.  After that you’re on your way to better posture, better workouts, and a SUBSTANTIALLY reduced risk of injury.

Enjoy!  Your new core is just a few minutes away!