Three times per year, hundreds of people across DFW come to ProCore Fitness to “kick start” their weight loss journey.  They get to see what just four weeks of proper nutrition and exercise can do for their bodies and their lives.  Led by Balanced Habits Certified Food Coaches, highly accredited personal trainers, and a team of participants with similar goals, the PCF Kick Start program creates amazing camaraderie, support, accountability and incredible results!  Hundreds of people from busy moms to hard working executives have discovered their true potential through focused nutrition and exercise in Southlake’s #1 gym, ProCore Fitness.

I got a call to do a national photo shoot and I only had a month to prepare! I called my local gym for help and was immediately put on their 28 Day KICK START program. In no time at all, they leaned me down so I was photo shoot ready and in the best shape of my life!

I was so frustrated with the weight I gained from having my baby I tried to qualify for the LAP Band procedure. I was told to gain 30 lbs. and come back! Instead I joined the BH KICK START program with my local gym and in just 28 days not only did I get back to my original pre-baby weight but 6 years later I am still in the best shape I’ve ever been in and now run local 5K and 10Ks!

The Balanced Habits’ programs provided me with a road map, as I call it, that made this journey clear and easy to follow. With these tools in place, they showed me how to properly fuel my body, while maintaining my energy and as a Police Officer, that is extremely important! In just 28 days, I leaned down to my Police Academy weight and felt amazing!

I went from watching people run local 5Ks to running them myself! In 28 days, I learned how to properly nourish my body, overcoming obstacles that had held me back, and literally became a new person. The best part was that during the holiday season, when I typically would have gained weight, I applied the principles I was taught and stayed on track with my goals. I wish I had known it would have been this easy 25 years ago!

What is the PCF Kick Start?

Quite simply… it’s 28 days of personalized nutrition coaching and trainer-led exercise designed to physically and mentally jumpstart your health and fitness journey. In fact, this program has been so successful that in the last year alone, participants have lost thousands of pounds! We empower you with the tools you need by assessing and transforming both your exercise AND your nutrition. By going through this transformation in a group setting, you can make lasting changes to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

The Kick Start Is Right For You If:

  • You want to lose substantial body fat FAST, the old fashioned way… through proper nutrition and exercise
  • You need to learn how to eat in a way that is sustainable, effective, and compliments your lifestyle
  • You want exercise programs that are created and supervised by a professional trainer who makes things fun yet challenging
  • You’re between 30-65 years old and ready for sustainable weight loss

What Happens After Signing Up?

First, your certified food coach will call you to welcome you to the program and set up a date for you initial assessment prior to orientation.  At the orientation you’ll be given a three-ring binder with your personalized 28-Day game plan, which includes your personal nutrition guidelines and exercise options to empower you to reach your weight loss goals.  During orientation, your exercise and nutrition coaches will give you all the information necessary to achieve your goals in record time.

What Should You Expect?

Expect to learn, expect to work, expect to set goals and most of all… expect to follow through.  You’ll have a team of coaches motivating, supporting and encouraging you every step of the way.

What’s included in the Kick Start?

  • An orientation with master trainer Justin Lewis and our certified food coaches Anika and Caitlin
  • Two small group training sessions per week with a certified personal trainer
  • Personalized grocery lists, delicious recipes, and weekly menus
  • Weekly check-ins with your nutrition coach with valuable information and guidance
  • Weekly group exercise classes with fellow Kick Start participants

Enough with the BS you’ve been sold in the past. Way too many gyms these days are selling snake oil.  Stop investing in yo-yo diets, expensive personal trainers that fail to deliver and boot camps with cookie cutter workouts that lead to injury and discouragement. PCF Kick Start is the ONLY program that gives you a team of certified professionals responsible for each component of your fitness. You will be supported, encouraged, and more motivated than ever before.  See you on the 21st!